• Alpaca Breeding Made Easy

    Female alpacas do cycle even though we've all been told they don't cycle....“just breed them anytime.” They have basically a cycle every week. Every other cycle is a dominant cycle which is the one you want to catch.More »
  • Birth Sex Ratios in Sheep Over Nine Lambing seasons: Years 7–9 and the Effects of Ageing

    The birth sex ratio of a commercial flock of Suffolk cross sheep, Ovis aries, was studied over nine consecutive lambing seasons. In all data from 2704 lambs were recorded and analysed. The overall (1985–1993) birth sex ratio was 49.96% male lambs. Ewes with single lambs produced significantly more males (53.04%) than ewes with triplets (45.54% male). A significant positive correlation was found between the flock age and the birth sex ratio (1985–1992). As the flock aged the birth sex ratio changed from female biased to male biased, remained male biased for a number of years, and then became female biased again. This pattern is evident first in single, then in twin and later in triplet births. Among like sex twins (males and females) (1985–1993) more males (53.88%) were born in the first half and more females (45.57% males) in the second half of the lambing season. The difference between the two halves is significant.More »