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  • Herd Health of Llamas and Alpacas

    A general and short guide to neonatal care, parasite control, vaccinations, dental development and care, and nail trimming. more »
  • Husbandry: Caring for Alpacas

    Among the many things that makes the raising and breeding of alpacas so wonderful is the ease of maintaining them, especially when compared to other livestock of equivalent size. For instance, one person can easily do the required farm labor for a herd of 20 alpacas in just a couple of hours a day. Most owners find that the vast majority of the "work time" on their farm or ranch is more often than not just them gazing at their alpacas anyway - mesmerized by their camelid friends - not doing actual farm chores. The alpacas are just too hard to resist. more »
  • Care and Shelter

    Alpacas are a hardy breed of animal, and possibly the easiest livestock to care for. Very little is needed to care for alpacas beyond the basics of shelter and good pasture. We have found it to cost less to care for our alpacas than our family pets, on a per head basis. Listed below are a few of the things necessary for the day to day care of alpacas. more »