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  • Drought-hit producers are being reminded to be aware of what they are feeding their stock. Recent testing has shown huge variability in protein and energy levels which has meant some stock could be continuing to lose condition, despite hand feeding. Central Tablelands Local Land Services officer, Brett Littler, Mudgee, is urging producers to take the guesswork out of what they are feeding by testing. “We have seen metabolisable energy ranging in some hays from 5.6 megajoules per kilogram, which is below maintenance, through to 10MJ/kg, which is really good feed,” Mr Littler said. “Similarly, protein variations can be seen from 16 per cent through to below the level of reporting, some is very low quality with less than two pc protein. more »
  • The DIY (do it yourself) alpaca feeding program includes: - Regular body scoring, two to four times a year - Weaning most males off of pelleted supplements (including crumbles) - Use of simple, pre-formulated one- to-three ingredient protein/energy supplements - Substitution of locally purchased mineral mix for pricier specialty mixes - Daily and preventive use of probiotics to keep animals healthy and reduce vet bills more »