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  • First and foremost, your alpacas will need a structure to protect them from the elements in both cold and warm seasons. In the summer, alpacas need a place that is shaded from the sun so they can stay cool. In the winter, they need a place that will shelter them wind, especially for moms and crias. The structure should be sturdy to protect them from the harsh weather and be properly designed to meet their needs. Shelters are also helpful when providing medical treatments such as vaccines or tending to sick alpacas. more »
  • Alpacas are a hardy breed of animal, and possibly the easiest livestock to care for. Very little is needed to care for alpacas beyond the basics of shelter and good pasture. We have found it to cost less to care for our alpacas than our family pets, on a per head basis. Listed below are a few of the things necessary for the day to day care of alpacas. more »