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Foundation Member (Lifetime Acknowledgement)

Admission to this exclusive category has officially ended.

Thank you to our Foundation Members for your support.

Advertising (per annum)

Advertising donation: US$75 US$50 per annum

Your US$50 gets you a nice big colourful and content-rich spot in several places within the Library. Your ad can be text only, image only, or text and image - your choice, and a link to your website is included, of course!

  • advertisements display in a well-marked “Sponsored Ad” box available on every article page within the “New to Alpacas?” and Alpaca Library Catalogue sections of The International Alpaca Reference Library
  • only one advertisement will appear on a page at any one time. When a visitor visits a new page, another ad will be randomly selected and assigned to that page. Depending on the number of advertisers, this may well be you again!

By default your ad will be set to appear on any “New to Alpacas?” or Alpaca Library Catalogue article page within the Library, but you’re welcome to nominate a specific category or categories that suits your target market best (eg Training, Fiber Processing, Fleece Products, …).

And to increase value to you, we will include your ad in our dedicated “Please Support Our Advertisers” section. If your category doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you!

Ads on this page will also display randomly, ensuring everyone a chance at the top spot!

Please note that ads will run for one year unless renewed.

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Any amount large or small gratefully accepted.

This is for life - we really do appreciate your support and want to show it!

This is an opportunity for people and businesses to have their support of the site acknowledged — for life — with a listing on our Supporters Page and a link to their own website.

Up to $20 donation: text only farm/business name and text link to your website forever.

$21+ donation: logo plus text farm/business name and text link to your website forever.

Sponsors who would like to also place larger advertisements on the Library site as well are entitled to a discount. Please enquire.

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A Commissioned Articles Fund

No minimum donation applies.

Sometimes there exists gaps in the search for articles that perhaps needs filling. For example, there may be a dearth of information on the profitability of alpaca-raising as a for-profit business; a strategy for developing alpacas as an existing farm diversification business opportunity; research into withholding times for various pharmaceuticals used in day-to-day management practices as they affect alpaca meat for human consumption ….

This Fund will be established as a bank account, managed by an Advisory Group and project-activated only after polling Library readers as to the suitability and advisability of the identified project.

The Fund deposit balance will be updated on the Library website each quarter along with the names of the donors for that quarter.

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