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  • Alpaca Immunoglobulins: Phase 2

    This project explored the production of therapeutic alpaca immunoglobulin products, as an alternative use of alpaca to fibre or meat production. A research herd of alpaca was hyperimmunised with various snake venoms, the immune response monitored and serum harvested for various purposes at different time periods. These results show that alpaca can be used for antivenom production as well as making antibodies for diagnostic tests. However, some barriers exist to full scale commercial production of antivenom using alpaca, including development of more effective antibody extraction methods. The field is open for commercialisation as the patent landscape search revealed no obstructions in Australia. This work is a continuation of research undertaken as part of a previous RIRDC project Alpaca immunoglobulins. more »
  • Alpaca Immunoglobulins

    This report documents the findings on the use of alpaca for producing a therapeutic immunoglobulin product (snake antivenom), for treating snake bite envenomation. Additional research regarding commercialisation opportunities is explored in the report Alpaca immunoglobulins: Phase 2 more »