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  • The Effect of Age, Fleece Weight, Fibre Diameter and Live Weight on the Relative Value of Australian Alpaca Fleeces

    The impact of commercially important alpaca fibre production and quality attributes on the relative economic value of alpaca fibre production was investigated. Fleeces from five farms in southern Australia (n = 1100) were measured using mid side samples and standard tests and were assigned a relative economic value based on an analysis of market price data. The total relative economic value increased with increasing greasy fleece weight and with increasing saddle weight up 2.5 kg. Total relative economic value declined as mean fibre diameter increased above 23μm, increasing live weight above 60 kg and with increasing age above 2 years for Huacaya and 3 years for Suri. The relative economic returns from fleece production of Huacaya and Suri breeds was similar. The main drivers of economic value for Australian alpaca fleece production are lower mean fibre diameter and increasing fleece weight. Higher economic value for fleece was associated with younger and lighter animals. This work provides a method to assign an economic value to alpaca fleeces thus enabling animal selection based on international commercial economic values. more »
  • How to Make an Alpaca Fiber Male!

    An experienced, hands-on and practical alpaca breeder and product marketer explains how to create a market for fiber males, by identifying those lacking in herd-sire values but with desirable fleece traits of commercial and profitable values. more »
  • Marketing Alpaca on a Commercial Scale Using the Fibre’s Competitive Advantage

    A snapshot of the Australian alpaca industry of 2006 and an interesting comparison to the industry today, both in Australia and the US in terms of what we are and where we need to go. more »