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  • Getting Your Name Out There

    When Doug and I first started Forest Glen Alpacas we were faced with the same question many farms face, how do we get people to come to our farm? As with most farms getting started our budget was very small and we had very limited knowledge of where to get the answers. So the advice of those who sold us our first animals became very important. After all what worked for them should work for us right? What worked for us was a combination of their advice and our own intuition as you will see. more »
  • Project Summary: Alpaca Market Assessment 2016

    A more professional Australian alpaca industry is emerging and enterprises with fleece, stud animals and meat sales have the potential to be profitable. The domestic and export sale of fleece has been facilitated by expert classing of alpaca fleece. The success of domestic markets for alpaca meat has been attributed to chef training and the development of dedicated alpaca meat processors. more »
  • Alpacas as a Business

    Alpacas present a unique business opportunity. For the owner willing to put forth the necessary work, substantial income can be made from the sale of alpaca breeding stock. However, it is important for new or prospective alpaca owners to realize that these alpacas do not sell themselves. Before purchasing an alpaca with the intent of "making money", it is very important to thoroughly research the industry, and to have a business plan. more »