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  • We have been fortunate to have experienced almost one hundred births at the Alpaca Hacienda, and every birth is just as exciting as the first. Here, we would like to cover some of the things we have learned about this most amazing, but sometimes stressful time in owning and breeding alpacas. more »
  • Alpaca birthing is generally an uneventful process, yet it is one of the more stressful events for new owners. Problem births (dystocias) are unusual in sound breeding animals, but when they do occur it is important to intervene as quickly as possible for the health of both the dam and cria. This pictorial journey is meant to help those that are new to the process. more »
  • Complete with powerful images, this blog post presents various calf abnormal presentations which are very relevant to those in alpacas, and how to manage them in the field. more »