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  • To recap from last week: 1. The formulae for one offspring per mating and with mates from the same group (eg all are known carriers, or all are daughters of the tested sire, or all are randomly selected from a population) are: more »
  • In The Maths of Matings, Part 1 I promised to write a supplementary post explaining mathematical logs, and here it is! more »
  • Having gone over confidence levels, it’s time to apply that and step through some maths! Let’s now calculate confidence levels and the required number of test matings to be statistically confident that a tested animal is not a carrier of a recessive allele. Everything below assumes that the tested animal is a sire, that there is one offspring from one mating, and that all mates (dams) are of the same type for the allele of interest. That is, they are either all known carriers, or are all daughters of the tested sire, or are all randomly selected from the same population. more »
  • This post explains the maths behind the formula 3n × 2m (the number of unique zygotes) mentioned in last week’s post. more »