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  • Processors and wearers still often judge the comfort of lightweight wool knitwear by squeezing the fabric to gauge how ‘soft’ it is, believing a softer feel or ‘handle’ will provide an excellent wearing experience and not prickle or irritate the skin. However, Sheep CRC research has shown this relationship to be unreliable. Reliance on this relationship means that uncomfortable wool knitwear is being produced and sold, which continues to reinforce the notion that wool is a prickly fibre. New objective testing devices for comfort and handle provide the opportunity to ensure all wool garments are fit for purpose and positively reinforce the exceptional comfort properties of wool. more »
  • The capability of instruments such as SIROLAN-LASERSCAN (LASERSCAN) and OFDA100 to provide measurements of fibre curvature has resulted in increased interest, within Australia among wool producers and exporters, and among overseas top-makers and spinners.  However, the metrology of fibre curvature measurement by these instruments is poorly understood.  Standardized conditions for preparation, and measurement procedures that stabilize the curvature of the wool fibres prior to measurement by either instrument, are yet to be defined. more »