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  • Wool Brochure

    Greasy fleece weight (GFW) Clean fleece weight (CFW) Fibre Diameter (FD) Staple Strength (SS) CV of fibre diameter (FDCV) Staple length (SL) more »
  • Should Alpaca Breeders Use ‘SD’ or ‘CV’ When Evaluating Fibre Traits?

    Over the years I have operated AAFT, the question of whether to use Standard Deviation (SD) or Co-efficient of variation (CV) when evaluating fibre traits is undoubtedly one of the most commonly asked questions. It also happens to be one of the issues most plagued by misunderstanding, and consequently, carries the potential to de-rail breeding strategies, particularly those aimed at reducing the incidence of coarse fibres, increasing the level of fibre uniformity, improving the processing performance of fleeces or simply improving the style and handle of fleeces. more »