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  • For those seeking a short answer: no. There is no significant difference in the results of measurements for micron or CV made on midside fleece samples between different types of machines. But the answer can be made longer. Curvature, when measured using the same samples, showed significant variations between optical and laser methodology. And optical methods of measurement proved less reliable when trying to assess whole fleeces using grid samples, due largely to the limitations of sampling. To better understand the discussion, one must first understand the different methods used for measuring fibre, and their application in different types of testing machines. more »
  • Objective measurement of alpaca fibre is now an integral process in the showing, breeding, marketing and classing of alpacas and alpaca fibre. Four systems are in common use, those being the OFDA and Laser systems in their laboratory and shed configurations. This study aims to test the comparability of those techniques in measuring alpaca fibre, and thereby validate their use in comparing fibre measured by different techniques. more »