• Be Aware - Have You Prepared? Bush Fire Season is Upon Us…

    FACT: During bushfires, lives are most often lost when people make a last minute decision to flee their homes on foot or in a vehicle. The Rural Fire Services/Emergency Services recommends if you are well PREPARED stay and defend your property, or LEAVE THE AREA EARLY in the day and well ahead of advancing fire front. more »
  • Understanding Fleece Results

    Testing and then understanding fleece testing results is invaluable to alpaca breeders. It allows stud owners to make educated and informed decisions in their breeding programs. It also gives breeders information on the quality of their fleece in regards to processing into products. more »
  • Goat: Animal Welfare Standards

    Animal Health Australia (AHA) together with Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) have developed the Australian Industry Standards and Guidelines for Goats. The industry standards and guidelines apply to all goat farming enterprises in Australia from extensive grazing to fully housed systems to individually owned. The industry standards and guidelines apply to all those responsible for the care and management of goats. more »
  • Sheep Background: Animal Welfare Standards

    From an animal welfare perspective, this process will cover all welfare aspects for sheep. The draft standards and guidelines for sheep currently include chapters on: Responsibilities Feed and water Risk management of extreme weather, natural disasters, disease, injury and predation Facilities and equipment Handling and husbandry Tail docking and castration Mulesing Breeding management Intensive sheep production systems Humane killing more »
  • Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep, Edition One, Version One

    The standards provide a basis for developing and implementing and enforcing consistent legislation across Australia, and provide guidance for all people responsible for sheep. They are based on current scientific knowledge, recommended industry practice and community expectations. The development of these standards is part of a comprehensive program agreed by industry and governments to develop standards and guidelines for all commercial livestock species and at all points along the production supply chain. more »