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  • There are many health benefits of alpaca meat in comparison to the traditional livestock meats. It is the meat of the Andes and one of the healthiest and oldest food sources of the Incan's and pre-Incas, and remains a South American delicacy as well as important daily food source. Alpaca meat is not only rich in proteins, but also low in fat. It has the lowest level of cholesterol of any meat. It is a mild red meat which is tender, extremely lean and described by some as almost sweet. We find its flavor closest to beef without the fatty aftertaste. Alpaca takes on the flavor of what it's mixed with making it a chef's favorite! more »
  • Increasingly, the focus is on accelerating genetic improvement, aiming for improved fertility, higher fleece weights, finer fleece and robust animals with higher carcase weights. Whilst the market has focussed on stud sales during the establishment phase of the industry, there is increasing emphasis on production traits as the industry moves towards commerciality. Ultimately, as in their native home of Peru, alpacas will be bred for fleece, meat and skins and Australia seeks to position itself as an international market leader in all production traits. more »