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The Difference Between an Advertiser and a Supporter

Started by on Oct 04, 2018 – Last touched: Oct 04, 2018

Oct 04, 2018 09:02 pm    

We’ve updated our page to clarify the differences between an advertiser and a supporter.

For twelve months, an advertiser gets a big bold colourful ad that displays in random rotation in a dedicated space on every catalogue page. Only one ad appears at a time on the catalogue pages - but if there are a small number of advertisers in a particular section, the next ad to appear to a visitor may well be yours again!
This same ad also displays in the dedicated Advertisers sections for twelve months. Ads on these pages display alongside all other ads. But for fun and fairness, they display in random order so as to give everyone a chance at the top spot!
Ads are for one year unless renewed.

Supporters on the other hand get acknowledgement for life, but this is limited to the Supporters section only.
Up to $20 donation: text only listing of your farm/business name with a text link to your website forever.
$21+ donation: logo plus text listing of your farm/business name with a text link to your website forever.

Sponsors who would also like to place larger, higher exposure advertisements on the Library site are entitled to a discount. Please get in touch should this interest you!

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