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1 Mar 14, 2019 05:01 am    

This follows from our "Quick Poll #1" - DO you think all alpacas should be registered, and why?
How are they the similar to or different from other livestock in terms of registration?

2 Mar 14, 2019 08:12 pm

Simply put, if anyone is buying or breeding for the commercial market the cost of registration is a production cost that has no influence on the quality and/or quality of the fleece or meat……..

3 Mar 20, 2019 08:06 pm

I think there should be a record of all alpacas as we need that for the industry to move forward. This record should not be costly. I don’t think there needs to be a genetic confirmation for all alpacas. As breeders are selling off excess alpacas as "pets" and new owners breed "pets" our population is not always fairly represented as pet owners cannot register or account for the offspring.

4 Mar 20, 2019 08:45 pm

Hi Charlene, what would be a reasonable cost for such a record do you think, and what would it contain? Basic pedigree data as supplied by the breeder, something else?

5 Mar 21, 2019 07:01 pm

Owner supplied basic pedigree is fine, no need for genetic verification, no need for BVD testing, no blood cards.

6 Mar 25, 2019 04:46 pm

And what would be a fair registration fee do you think?

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