• Guidelines for Shearing and Presenting Alpaca Fleeces for the Premium Fibre Market

    The alpaca fibre market is witnessing an increase in demand for most grades of fleeces, particularly those suitable for the premium end of the textile market. In order to meet the criteria for acceptance into this market, however, fleeces need to be shorn and prepared in a manner that greatly reduces the incidence of contamination and reduces the variation of fleece types within consignment lines. more »
  • Shearing

    Mark arrived early in the morning and asked where to set up. He needed a flat surface with posts or 'O' rings to attach some pulleys, explaining that this was a restraint system to hold the alpaca still while quickly shearing the fleece off. With only a semi-enclosed loafing shed with dirt floor for sheltering the alpacas, Mark looked around and decided on using our concrete patio under the deck. The support posts for the deck would work well to anchor the restraints. more »
  • Suri Fiber Harvesting Code of Practice

    This Suri Fiber Harvesting Code of Practice has been developed for Suri alpaca breeders by the Suri Network Product Development Committee in order to provide producers with clear and concise guidelines to maximize value. It can be implemented regardless of the operation size, location, or final textile destination. This step by step guide will enable producers to use standard fiber preparation, shearing, sorting and packing techniques, thereby improving the national clip and creating credibility in the textile marketing industry. more »