• Alpaca Fiber

    Found in a vast array of natural colors from white to black and most everything in between (beiges, fawns, browns, and greys), the fiber of the alpaca is the byproduct for which the animals were originally first domesticated some 6,000 years ago. Modern textile grade alpaca fleece is blessed with amazing fineness, very good insulation qualities, and high luster, making alpaca a near perfect fiber from which to make luxurious garments. Because of those qualities, clothing made from it is both light weight yet extremely warm at the same time, while being more durable than cashmere. more »
  • Husbandry: Caring for Alpacas

    Among the many things that makes the raising and breeding of alpacas so wonderful is the ease of maintaining them, especially when compared to other livestock of equivalent size. For instance, one person can easily do the required farm labor for a herd of 20 alpacas in just a couple of hours a day. Most owners find that the vast majority of the "work time" on their farm or ranch is more often than not just them gazing at their alpacas anyway - mesmerized by their camelid friends - not doing actual farm chores. The alpacas are just too hard to resist. more »
  • Nutrition

    Alpaca meat is one of healthiest meats available to us. One of the first things we noticed when we tried making hamburgers with our meat years ago, was just how much more filling they were when compared to a hamburger made from ground beef. If you love the taste of red meat, but have been told to watch your cholesterol or are on a high protein/low fat diet, look no further! Don’t take our word for it though. We sent samples of both our ground alpaca meat and our alpaca strip loin to a food testing laboratory and the results which you can see below are truly remarkable. Did we mention that it’s delicious too?! more »
  • Breeding Alpacas

    Breeding Alpacas is a much marketed but little known subject. Perusing industry literature, the enthusiast will see beautiful glossy images of alpaca herdsires and show ribbons, each promoting that alpaca as the perfect match for your girl. It behooves the serious owner to study the subject of alpaca breeding carefully. more »
  • Alpacas as a Business

    Alpacas present a unique business opportunity. For the owner willing to put forth the necessary work, substantial income can be made from the sale of alpaca breeding stock. However, it is important for new or prospective alpaca owners to realize that these alpacas do not sell themselves. Before purchasing an alpaca with the intent of "making money", it is very important to thoroughly research the industry, and to have a business plan. more »