• Buying Merino Rams

    This information note aims to assist ram buyers interpret raw measurements on animals to better select rams for individual needs. more »
  • EPD Trait Descriptions

    EPD trait descriptions include Average Fiber Diameter (AFD), Standard Deviation (SDAFD), Spin Fineness (SF), Percentage of Fibers > 30 Microns (%F>30), Mean Curvature (MC), Standard Deviation of Curvature (SDMC), % Medullated Fibers (%M), Mean Staple Length (MSL), Fleece Weight (FW), and Birth Weight (BW). more »
  • Fleece Testing

    Successful breeding programmes involve the use of many different tools to help you determine whether your breeding aims are being achieved. Fleece testing is an objective tool to monitor the changes in individual and herd fleece characteristics. more »
  • How to Evaluate Alpaca Fiber

    There are no perfect alpacas. There is great room for improvement in all of our herds, and we can watch it happen before our eyes in our very own pastures, when we make good breeding choices. Once you learn to judge alpaca conformation and fleece, you'll see that not even blue ribbon winners are perfect. Learning to evaluate fleece will help you to make the best breeding choices for your alpacas. more »
  • Fibre Testing and Histograms

    The only way to know what quality fleece your alpacas are producing is to have it professionally tested. There are several wool testing services available (this is sheep country after all!). There seems to be quite a range of charges too! Whichever service you choose, you should be supplied with a “histogram” for each individual alpaca sampled as well as a summary sheet listing all your results. A good testing service will also help you to understand your histogram if you require it. more »